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Fit for purpose

We carefully select our materials to create the best possible product with the least environmental impact. Learn more
Low impact

All of our materials are either sustainable or recycled to minimise our impact on the planet


Organic Cotton

Recycled Polyester


We’ve chosen to use bamboo to make our sweaters and t-shirts because not only does it have amazing properties, it's sustainable too! Learn more

Organic Cotton

Our bamboo products are blended with organic cotton which means no pesticides, insecticides or herbicides have been used. Learn more

Recycled Polyester

Our jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles, preventing them from going into landfil which means all that recycling you are doing is actually worthwhile. Learn More
Why Bamboo?
It's supersoft!

Making it comfortable to wear and perfect for sensitive skin. More luxurious than cotton and three times more absorbent. Sounds like toilet paper doesn’t it!

Naturally antibacterial

Which means that your clothing stays fresher for longer and you can get more wears before needing to wash it which is also good for the environment. Also people wont take two steps back after you have been busy outside.


Ideal for keeping you comfortable whilst exercising. Please note it doesn’t help you breathe. You have to still do this yourself.


Keeps you feeling comfortable due to its ability to dry quickly. Watch this space for some clever person to make a bamboo towel.


Bamboo absorbs five times more Co2 than the equivalent amount of hardwood trees, requires no pesticides and generates quickly. It also uses less water than cotton, making it an ideal sustainable material. It is a shame we can’t get a lot in the UK. Maybe the next big thing are bamboo farms?

Organic Cotton

We sometimes blend organic cotton with our bamboo to create the ultimate t-shirt experience or create just pure organic cotton t-shirts. Being organic means it has been cultivated without the use of herbicides, pesticides or genetically-modified seeds.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester can be recycled again and again with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimise wastage. This means garment manufacture could become a closed loop system and eliminates the need to create new fabrics. We have engineered our Mudtex® fabric by combining recycled polyester with a high performing membrane.

Built to last

We choose quality materials for both you and the environment Sustainability