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We love the outdoors

Born in a little beachside town in Devon we wanted to create sustainable clothing suitable for all weathers. From little to big kids, we just want to have fun and share the adventure. Our Story
A hundred names for rain

In Britain we love talking about the weather and so that makes us a bit of an expert when it comes to designing clothing perfect for hot, cold, wet or windy conditions.


Designed for the whole family with a focus on versatility and made for the British weather, but still clothing you would recognise and want to wear. Not the sort of weird thing you see at fashion week where someone looks like they are wearing bubble wrap.


Using the latest technology and fabrics packed with natural properties to create clothing that is functional, stylish and kind to the environment. There aren’t any processors or screens but we promise it is technical and cutting edge.


Always striving for the better, from someone discarding a plastic bottle to it becoming a lovingly crafted jacket. Keeping your back nice and toasty on a brisk walk along the coast while you persuade your four year old to stop hitting his sister with a stick.

But what makes Jellymud so special?

We have designed our products from the ground up in the most disruptive and innovative way possible.

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Multifunctional product

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Low impact on the environment

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Latest technology

We have designed our products with longevity in mind, to make stylish and functional clothes that will go on many adventures with you over and over again.

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Here at Jellymud we are always looking at the bigger picture and understand that just by making clothes responsibly isn’t going to put a stop to climate change. Therefore, we ensure that a percentage of our profits go towards larger initiatives and charities so they can continue the amazing work they do. If there is an organisation close to your heart let us know and maybe we can support them as well.


The great outdoors is our playground and we want it to stay that way. Our ambition is to create technical, durable clothing that doesn’t impact the environment. Usually you have to compromise but as we have shown you can have your cake and eat it. Yay. We have engineered our production to be as close as possible to the source of our materials to minimise our carbon footprint but it also means we can deliver you incredible value for money. 


We have put a lot of effort into finding suppliers that share the same mission as us and are committed to upholding the same high standards we set for ourselves. To be honest we thought about just lowering our standards but then we took a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror and said our children wouldn’t thank us. We made it our mission to find those elusive partners who had the expertise to help us bring Jellymud to life. Shop Now
It’s in the name

Jellymud was born on one of our long coastal walks as my eldest daughter in her rain suit was having a better time than me (as I was wet and cold) and was messing about shouting out words that made her laugh. ‘Jelly’ and ‘Mud’ came together and an idea was born...

A bit of our story
When I was younger I was dragged around the country by my parents keen I would love the outdoors. Rain, wind, snow, sun it didn’t matter as we walked the dogs along the cliffs around lakes and through woodlands.

As I got older I have loved time away from the computer to enjoy the outdoors and this time I take my daughters who jump in every puddle (thanks Pepper!) and climb any tree they can get close to. My wife loves her horses whereas I enjoy messing about on the water or going for a quick bike ride.

Suffice to say family time is spent enjoying the great outdoors and our clothing is a big part of deciding whether we have a great time or not. As my mother used to always say to me, there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.
Piers – Jellymud Founder